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Collective Worship

Assemblies for collective Christian worship are held daily. They usually include prayers, the lighting of a candle an opportunity for reflection as well as a main learning theme. The main message is delivered through Bible stories or stories about the life of Jesus, learning about other faiths and their beliefs, some social, emotional aspects of learning and our through our school values.

We have close links with our parish church, St Peter’s, Ropsley. We currently have a vacancy for a new Church Minister. However, when the vacancy has been filled it is expected that Church Ministers will take assemblies, participate in classroom teaching and regularly visit the school. The children are familiar with our church through end of term services, festivals and Christingle as well as using the church as part of their studies in R.E. and History.

Children also take part in church events, and services.   Arrangements for the act of Collective Worship and for Religious Education are made by the school in accordance with the requirements of the 1944 Education Act and the Education Reform Act 1988.

Parents may, if they wish, withdraw their children from the arrangements for worship. Any such requests should be made in writing to the Headteacher

Assemblies are also an opportunity to celebrate our children's work and achievements in all areas of their lives so we hold a ‘Good work assembly,’ every other Friday.

We believe that praise and encouragement in achievements will foster, nurture and maintain high standards of discipline. On occasion your children will bring home Ropsley School House Point Certificates as a tangible acknowledgement of their efforts and achievements. These, along with other certificates and awards, are presented on a Friday.

Parents are invited to end of term services which celebrate Harvest, Christmas and Easter, and to a Leavers' Assembly at the end of every year. These services are particularly special to us as they are designed and run by the children.