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Early Maths

The first few years of a child’s life are especially important for mathematics development. Research shows that early mathematical knowledge predicts later reading ability and general education and social progress(ii).


Children in Reception spend the time to really understand the ‘oneness of one’ with numbers up to 20. They must develop their own 'number sense' - an understanding of how numbers fit together.  

When children join us in September, they are at different stages of their Maths journey. Some are great at counting, and others are less experienced. The Reception team deliver maths in an engaging and purposeful way. Children count objects that are purposeful to them and Maths is very appropriate to their interests. Maths is introduced alongside stories and characters so children can see the Maths in everyday life. Our dedicated Reception Team provide our children with the firm foundations for a journey to mastering Maths and having a real understanding of number.  

The numbers that children can count will increase, as will their fluency and confidence. Once children can count to larger numbers, they will start to see which numbers are more and less and how numbers can be made from other numbers. They will gain a strong sense about the size of a number.

Number bonds to 10 and 20:

Number bonds are two numbers which add together to make a total.

1 and 9

2 and 8

3 and 7

4 and 6

5 and 5

Learning the number bonds to 10 provides children with a platform to more complex Maths – ready for the column method and addition and subtraction facts to 100.

Once the children are fluent with their number bonds to10, they can apply this understanding to number bonds to 20 and then 100.


(ii) Duncan et al, 2007