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Forces Families

Family Liaison Officer

Often, if your family is involved in the military, your children may have to re-locate a number of times during their school years.

This can be both a rewarding experience as they meet lots of people and enjoy different school environments or even countries, it can also be a difficult and unsettling time for children.

We want to ensure your child settles quickly and begin to make progress as soon as they join our school. This means making sure they are happy, find friends and get to know about after school clubs, etc. We also need to ensure they are given access to intervention support or extra challenge if they need it.

Miss North is a Higher-Level  Teaching Assistant. She has a special interest in and experience of supporting families who are new to the school.

She will meet with you and your children as soon as possible, preferably before they start school with us. She will be on the playground on your first morning to greet you and be available for both, you and your children through your first few days.

This link will take you to a list of clubs and classes that our children attend out of school hours. Click here

For details of our Forces Families Budget please click on the link below

Forces Budget