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Physical Education

In God's image, we strive and shine: with happy hearts and inspired minds.

We flourish in our PE curriculum, which is designed to encourage and develop a life-long enjoyment of physical exercise.

Children are encouraged to practise (and indeed apply) learnt skills in a variety of activities and situations: alone; in small groups and in teams.

They are taught about the benefits and importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and the impact of this on both their physical and mental health and wellbeing.

The children are given opportunities to meet Olympic and Paralympic athletes- hearing their inspiring journeys and encouraging the children to push themselves to achieve higher.

We work closely with a wide variety of community sports clubs and the children flourish with visits from specialist coaches; helping to improve technique and motivation thus instilling excellent sporting attitudes- both as young leaders and participants.

Children can further their sporting interests through a huge variety of extra-curricular clubs, both in school and within our local community. The element of competition is encouraged through both intra- and inter- school tournaments which enables the children to learn respect and graciousness in sport, and indeed, the transfer of these skills to the wider world.